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Why is the Lamborghini Urus The Ultimate SUV ever?

“Lamborghini has once again proved its mettle in crafting an impeccable vehicle when it created the world's first SUV supercar Urus. In this post, Rent Supercar Dubai breaks down the various reasons that make this vehicle a king among SUVs.”

Lamborghini Urus has undoubtedly set a benchmark in the world of SUVs to become a four-wheeled beast drenched in the DNA of a super sports car and having the dynamic functionality of an SUV. The performance of this exquisite vehicle is currently unrivalled, and a whopping 60 % of the Lamborghini being sold worldwide has been estimated to be of the Urus variants. The creation of this incredible sports SUV has never been a surprise to auto enthusiasts as Lamborghini has a history of creating the impossible against overwhelming odds.

With several luxury automobile brands claiming to build really fast and high-performance SUV vehicles, their so-called “high performance” have failed to catch up with the dynamically competent Urus. The radical design and impressive engineering of the Urus are capable of delivering an immersive and engaging driving experience to the driver.

The Show-Stopping Designs


Exterior: The exquisite exterior and interior designs of the Lamborghini Urus screams the brilliance of Italian craftsmanship all over the vehicle. The car was ingeniously designed to blend the beauty of different terrains, be it on or off the road, the Urus oozes a unique beauty that makes it stand out from other luxury SUV vehicles. The exterior of the Urus includes several brawny designs that showcase the large wheels, vibrant colours and sharp edges. You can also observe the signature designs of the Lamborghini which is exhibited on the bonnet and rear doors of the car.

Interior: Several stunning designs are integrated into the interior of the Urus which offers utmost comfort and luxury to the occupants. The breathtaking interior is a tech-laden space with state of the art features. The cabin resembles the cockpit of a fighter jet and is equipped with an array of buttons for advanced features. Furthermore, this muscular SUV is designed to carry 4 or 5 adults(depending on the variant) with two individual rear seats. The seats are also crafted with elegant designs made out of natural leather along with a finishing of aluminium, carbon or wood that can be chosen according to personal preference.

About the Engine & Performance

The effortless power with which the mighty Urus can slingshot from 0 to 62mph in a staggering 3.6 sec is truly a remarkable feat that only the highly competitive engineers from the Lamborghini team can pull off. Once you throttle the Urus, the roar of this mighty beast can thrill you to the core of your being. The V-8 twin-turbo engine gallops through the road with 641 horsepower and gives an epic performance in full throttle. You can absolutely enjoy a powerful acceleration with the goodness of an 8-speed automatic transmission and swivel through the corners with deadly precision. This sturdy vehicle can also enable you to easily manoeuvre various drive modes with adjustable seating features. Moreover, the braking systems are integrated with top-notch carbon-ceramic brakes that ensure a comprehensive braking capability.

Although there are several iconic luxury SUV variants out there like the Bentyaga and Cullinan from Bentley and Rolls Royce, a majority of supercar aficionados will undoubtedly choose the Lamborghini Urus over them. The bold, brash and powerful statement that the Urus exudes has echoed throughout the automobile industry and makes it the only true supercar SUV in the world. If you want to imbibe the true essence of the Urus, head on to Luxury Car Rentals for an exhilarating driving experience. You can easily get behind the wheels of a plethora of supercars, and also enjoy the best Lamborghini urus rentals in the UAE.

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